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(Don’t) Paint it black… living Feng Shui

Everybody wants a cozy and welcoming house to come back to after a hard day of work. A good choice of colors is the first step make our home more comfortable and warm; a green wall here, a yellow room there, and we can easily breath new life into our homes and make them more livable.

But, before rushing to a paint shop, we better understand which colors are best for every room of our house. Feng Shui comes to our help in this regard. This ancient Chinese philosophical system, through its mix of astrological and psychological aspects, can be really helpful in shaping and decorating our houses.

According to Feng Shui, colors and shapes in furniture and other objects have an impact on our life quality.

So, now let’s take a look at some colors and their features:

  • Green – It is a cool color, with significant relaxing features. It has a link with nature, with life in the open and with trees, that give us oxygen. It is known as the color of knowledge and enlightenment, the one that allows us to keep our minds free. It is particularly recommended for bedrooms and relax areas, but remember to choose subtle and mild shades.
  • Red – It is the color of power and passion. As it is a strong color, it is not to be overused, because it can be felt as stifling. So it must be used wisely and with care, just as we do with our passions. Pale red and pink help creating a relaxing and harmonious environment, perfect for bedrooms. On the other hand, dark or intense shades can be used to stimulate action so they are a good choice for fitness areas. But, if you really like red, don’t hold back: a strong shade of this color is perfect for objects and accessories in every area of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom.
  • Yellow – It is the color of sun and it generally brings to our minds the warm elements of nature. It then gives a sensation of warmth, protection and energy. Yellow is a good choice for the kitchen and, in mild shades, it fits also to living rooms, study rooms or even kids rooms.
  • Blue – Feng Shui usually warns against using cool colors in painting house walls, unless pale shades are used. Blue is arguably the coolest of cool colors. It is the color of profoundness, but we shouldn’t be dragged into our inner selves, or we could easily fall into melancholy. For this reason, blue should be handled with care, and used for details like accessories or certain decorations. Avoiding a completely blue your bedroom or living room is paramount, but some light blue details here and there are perfectly suitable to both day and night areas.

So, now you have a little guide to the colors you should use to make your home more comfortable and more “yours”. Regardless of what your favorite color is, remember to use our tips to create an harmonious and balanced environment in your homes!

Fabrizio Iuliano

Laureato in lingue straniere all'Università di Torino, lavora come traduttore. Ha anche frequentato un corso di fotografia all'Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), perché non ha mai perso di vista le sue passioni.

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